Ready for Summer Vacation?

Our clients at Beach Front Only Rentals have some amazing brand new builds, right on the beach! Check out this recent one we shot!

New Private Build in La Jolla, CA. - $5.8m Custom Home

We are honored to have had the opportunity to photograph this amazing new property in La Jolla last week.

Teles Properties - Carlsbad

We had the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous new office last week! So pleased with how the images came out!!

7 Sisters Interior Design - Solana Beach Project

We were brought out to a lovely private estate in Solana Beach, CA to photograph the work of Emma Messerschmidt from 7 Sisters Interior Design. This was an entire remodel so it was important we capture all of the new features and design of the space. Over all, this project was a pleasure to complete. We used mostly ambient light to really show this space in it's natural form. Used a bit of flash to add some pop and color but I'd say this was a breeze to light. The angles and compositions revealed themselves immediately. I did get a bit of guidance from the designer on specific angles and I'm very happy that we were able to put our minds together to create such a beautiful portrayal of this remodel. Our client was ecstatic over the final product and so are we.

- Gary Kasl, SoCal Property Portraits